The 2018-19 annual report showcases examples of the work done by a team of committed professionals who work hard every day to put Durham on the map as a place to visit and live. As the Durham 150 anniversary-related festivities wind down and I complete my 20th and final year at Discover Durham, I know I couldn’t be prouder of the collective work we did to bring recognition and economic vitality to Durham. I hope you enjoy this quick glimpse of some of our most notable accomplishments. My very best to the stakeholders who have supported this organization for so many years. There is so much more to come!

Shelly Green,
Discover Durham
President & CEO

Point Of Pride.

Dedicated to the strength and resiliency of the Durham community mere days after the City of Durham’s 150th birthday, this Durham tribute we initiated at the American Tobacco Campus has already been the backdrop of hundreds of visitor and local photos since April.

never changing.

In the year since we rebranded to Discover Durham, we’ve rolled out a new website and found different ways to engage new audiences.

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Red carpet.
Bright lights.

Black activist Ann Atwater and Ku Klux Klansman C.P. Ellis’ unlikely friendship led to school desegregation in 1971. A signature event of our Durham 150 commemoration, The Best of Enemies film premiered at Carolina Theatre, drawing stars and the media.

event coverage

150 Years of Innovation.

Discover Durham and the Museum of Durham History proudly led the planning and execution of Durham 150, the official yearlong commemoration of the City of Durham’s anniversary of incorporation. Activations included the Opening Celebration in April, showcasing exhibits, crafts and performances.

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Major Moments.

Our sales team has traveled from coast to coast, earning prestigious awards while representing our destination to meeting and event planners. Their life-sized Major the Bull replica certainly made a statement on the tradeshow floor!

Champion Durham.

The journey to host the USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships was more of a marathon than a sprint, but the event was a historic first for the Durham Sports Commission — a national championship in Durham.


What destination could be more fun to attract visitors to?

We’ve got a team of creative sales, marketing, sports, customer service, partnerships, and operational talent.

We work together to showcase Durham to the world on a daily basis.



We strive to market Durham as an attractive visitor destination in more dynamic, bold, and innovative ways than ever. Browse our new website, engage on social, or pick up a guide – see how we’ve worked to bring the Discover Durham brand to life.



From meetings and conventions to local competitions and national championships, the Discover Durham sales team and the Durham Sports Commission have made their marks. The sales team has found new ways to showcase our diverse and visionary community while the DSC champions Durham and the destination’s rich sports heritage.

Discover Durham is proud to be Durham’s marketing and sales agency. I am honored to have taken over the helm with big shoes to fill: Shelly Green has been an institution in Durham for two decades – my mentor for the past couple years – and an enormously effective advocate for Durham.  

I am grateful to have a dream team of creative sales, marketing, sports, customer service, partnerships, and operational talent – a staff who eats, breathes and dreams about how best to promote Durham. As we find new ways to reach potential visitors, our efforts help build a stronger and more prosperous community for our neighbors, attracting more than 12 million vacationers, business travelers, prospective relocators, and sports competitors to the area.

Wrapping up our work behind the Durham 150 yearlong commemoration, we’re reflecting on those who make Durham such a wonderful place to live and visit. I want to leave you with a few lines from the “I Choose Durham” song that premiered at the Durham 150 Closing Ceremony. We commissioned it to create an official Durham anthem that will live beyond this anniversary year. You can find a video of the entire anthem performance on our YouTube channel – a song, in full, that we’re excited for all Durhamites to embrace for years to come. Here’s just one verse as a teaser:
Ain’t no place in the world I’d rather be standing
To make it anywhere, you gotta bloom where you’re planted
I feel it in the air, when the city gets frantic
And you can make it here, a city built on chances

I really romance with Durham, to power we speak truth
Before you can flower you need roots
And if you choose Durham, Durham gon’ choose you
A place for everybody, and this song’s for you

"I Choose Durham" was composed by Joshua Gunn, Phil Cook, Mavis Swan Poole, Loverboy Vo, Kwesi Justice and Gavin Williams

We choose Durham.

Susan Amey, Discover Durham
President & CEO